About Benwells

    We started life in 1966 as the silk-screen printers BB Benwell, set up by Basil Benwell. It wasn't long before we became synonymous with producing high quality corporate stationery for prestigious clients. We also began to build a reputation in the design industry for turning great ideas into print.

    As we became more successful, we forged close links with foil blocking and embossing specialists J&R Sebard. This closeness resulted in our two companies joining forces in 1995 to become Benwell Sebard Ltd. Our reputation continued to grow as a leading independent printing specialist.

    Paul Haslam joined in 1997 as production manager and, as the saying goes, liked it so much he bought the company in 2005. Although we still produce excellent stationery, our commitment to clients has led us to extend our expertise into many other printed formats. Our foiling and embossing services continue to go from strength to strength. We are delighted that many in the industry think so too. We are very proud of the recommendations and accolades that they've awarded us over the years.

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    Phone us: 020 7237 5111
    Find us at: Benwells
    Unit E, The Lefa Business Park
    Edgington Way, Sidcup
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    Benwells is based in the South East where we carefully litho print, foil block, die cut, and hand-pack everything
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